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Karmachakra: Episode Zero Trailer

We are the first Indian animation studio that creates anime, or 2D hand-drawn animation in the art-style of Japanese manga comics, wholly independent of foreign collaboration.

We believe in telling powerful stories through the medium of animation,

and design original entertainment that can be enjoyed by teens and young adults.

Owing to an ever-growing passion for anime and manga among Indian youth, Karmachakra, an original story set in India and animated in the style of anime was conceived of in 2016,

which led to the formation of Studio Durga in 2017.

If you've already watched our trailer, watch the pilot for our upcoming movie below, which has won the Platinum Award for Best Animation Short at Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles 2020, and received Honourable Mentions for Best Webseries/TV Pilot & Best Original Score!

Karmachakra Pilot Episode